Dürer's bastei in the 16th century

The Art of Defense

Discover a unique piece of the history of Nijmegen and Gelderland in the exhibition 'The Art of Defense'. With a beautiful model and an exciting virtual journey, the 16th-century city and the bastei come to life.

Dürer met VR

At the beginning of the 16th century, the Nijmegen population feels threatened. The city's defenses have become very outdated and enemy cannons are punching ever-larger holes in the city walls! Fear among the population is constantly increasing. Nijmegen therefore wants to build a mighty defensive work on the Waal, drawing inspiration from the sketches of the famous Albrecht Dürer. An impregnable bastei with thundering cannons is to defend the city and deter invaders.

Who should the free imperial city defend itself against? What role did Nijmegen play in the mighty Duchy of Guelders and in the midst of European monarchs who were constantly chasing each other? How did attackers and defenders operate at the time?

Learn the art of defense at one of the most special archaeological hotspots in the Netherlands!