Food & drinks

A visit to De Bastei is not complete without having been to our restaurant. It is located on the top floor and has the best view of Nijmegen. The people of DREAM! the Bastei serve delicious coffee with their famous apple pie. The menu also includes delicious sandwiches and freshly made home-made soup. No time for the museum? Even then you are welcome to come in!

High above the buzz of the city you can relax and dream away. You look from the Valkhofpark to the Waal; with its three bridges, the forelands and on the other side Veur-Lent. Imagine how the Romans already sailed here in galleys. Imagine yourself for a moment on the Waalkade in 1860 ... or enjoy the here and now!

De Bastei met terras van Droom! de Bastei.

DROOM! De Bastei is open every weekday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. You are also welcome without an entrance ticket from De Bastei if you feel like a cup of coffee, lunch or a drink. You can find us through the De Bastei building - the entrance is at the foot of the stairs between the Waalkade and the Ridderstraat (near the Valkhofpark).

Come upstairs and enjoy the most beautiful terrace in Nijmegen!

Bij DROOM! de Bastei krijg je de lekkerste koffie en huisgemaakt gebak.